Staying motivated while pursuing fitness

Weight loss is often equated to fitness or the general well being of any person. However, it can be a very grueling endeavor and one that is elusive to attain for those seeking it.

It is only the other day that I realized that having a slender body does not necessarily equate to fitness. The challenge I had to overcome was to participate in a two kilometer cross country and I thought it was just as easy as it sounded. Little did I know that is not the case, until I got my muscles stretching out on the race course and barely half a kilometer into the race, my legs were already aching too hard and yearning for a rest. My chest on the other hand was another problem as I could hardly keep up with proper breathing techniques having not even taken any time to practice.


While my case was not exceptional, I could only admire other people run past me and disappear out of vicinity regardless some of them looking not too ‘fit’ going by their body size.

That aside, the exercise was my eye opener and enabled me to fully appreciate the kind of efforts people who seek to attain fitness and especially through weight loss have to go through. I no longer chest thump about how fit I am, just because I consider myself to have a slender body, until I am taking some real fitness exercises that suit my body type.


Indeed going by such experiences as explained above, many people often seek changes in their body weight but it may be just as hard to achieve it. Probably you too have hit the gym for months in pursuit of weight loss or fitness as you may prefer to call it. Every day, sights of slender bodied people, the ones you may consider to be ideal or healthy – drives you all the more in pursuit of ‘fitness’. Needless to say, from experience exercise and any related personal devotions that lead to fitness can be a real torture. You can seemingly be laboring in vain. Don’t give up, not everyone may be as fit as they appear to be, and you too can achieve it with the right steps taken and staying on course.


You may even have enlisted the help of an instructor who has been taking you through the classes, and you have been sweating it out day in day out faithfully. You may even have eaten right, but your muscles sores and the inner burning urge to acquire your desired fitness standards may be driving you up the wall. However, if the process becomes difficult or in case you lose faith maybe due to the repetitiveness and painful nature of the processes, you may end up drifting back, thinking it’s unattainable.


In many aspects of life, it is considered that simplicity is the best, and it can be great too even in pursuit of fitness. Doing simple exercises can be a great way to achieve your weight loss and ultimate fitness goals. With the help of a good instructor, you can do them as they are simple, and don’t take much time. Regular re-analysis of one’s progress is also an important aspect that can help one chart the way forward or even to realign his or her program. Personal trainers also form a good and constant source of information and personal progress analyses.


The best time to shape up is now as it is considered that the one’s shape changes with age. A little effort goes a long way towards achievement of one’s’ desired fitness. While the world today continues to become a global village, there emerges a lot information regarding fitness posted online every day which can come in handy when researching on varied ways of keeping fit. But all said than done, the ultimate efforts that can make a different in someone’s quest for fitness will come from the efforts put in by one self. So go right ahead, and motivate yourself some more into attaining this one other feather onto your endless list of achievements. It is manageable after all, and yours can be the next big success story, we read about.